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Study - Hugo Mur

Hugo Mur

HUGO MUR. Architect. Born in San Rafael, Mendoza. Graduated with honours in Architecture, Urbanism and Design in the National University of San Juan in the year 2003. DAAD Scholarship Holder in Germany. Artist. Athlete.

He dabbled in music, cinema, photography and painting. He participated in TV shows as host in Architecture Segments. The major part of his worked, he developed in his home town, turning into one of the most avant-garde architects in the region.

Seeking international projection in his work and personal growth, he partnered with Fernando Di Paolo, Engineer, Dubai resident. Currently, they are working to expand the office in the United Arab Emirates.

Study - Lorena Figueroa

Lorena Figueroa

Architect Urbanist. Born in San Juan, Argentina.

Graduated with honors in the Career of Architecture, Urbanism and Design of the National University of San Juan in the year 2003. DAAD Scholarship student awarded to Germany.

Her personal and professional interests led her to gain experience in the field of construction and management of works in general. She was part of interdisciplinary teams of design, bidding projects and competitions.

At the present, she specializes in Design Consultancy for private companies and associated with Hugo Mur architect, develops Investment Projects in several cities of the world.

El estudio - Brenda Macovaz

Brenda Macovaz

Brenda Macovaz Architect. Born in San Rafael Mendoza.

Graduated in the University of Architecture Urbanism and design, Mendoza, in the year 2016. He currently works with the architect Hugo Mur in a variety of large projects, with experience in technical direction, project realization and interior design.

His personal and professional interests: to obtain knowledge and experience in the area, which has led to work with this team.