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Hotel Mendoza - Hugo Mur Arquitecto

Hotel Mendoza

Tamaño: 576,06 m2

Trabajo: Custom Made

Cliente: Confidential

Ubicación: Mendoza, Argentina

Estado: In project - 2016

The Studio was contacted to create a preliminary idea for a new hotel chain.

On the design of the first hotel, the idea was to maximize the usage of the piece of land, respecting the regulations on space usage and allowed construction heights in the area.

The commercial aspect of the area was taken in account. Therefore the ground floor was designed with gastronomic services and an open bar on the first floor. An underground parking lot was designed.

There are 65 rooms in this hotel, with similar sizes and features among them.

Of a traditional construction: reinforced concrete structure, brick masonry, slab mezzanine floors and metallic cover with aluminum carpentry.

The formal concept of the building is conceived from generating a structre in two blocks, separated by circulations. Over one of the façades, a line which goes up, dividing the rooms and generating balconies.

The concept for the interiors was using a clear and simple design, with references to the modern movement.

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